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The biggest obstacle we constantly face is our mind...

 Welcome to our site. We are the Falling
Britain team or as we understandably
like to be called, Team FB. We are called
this because CJ fell out of a tree and the
next day the team was created. We are
a freerunning team in the Ely area whose
main aim is to get quality videos for the
So what is freerunning, or "parkour"?
Well as the name suggests, it has a lot
to do with running. It also however
involves doing whatever the hell you
like to get to your destination. Parkour
can vary slightly as it has strict rules to
follow; 1) keep running, 2) no somersaults.
This doesn't sound to harsh but can
be very restricting and so most people
stick to freerunning.

the tricks you see on this site have been performed after rigorous training, DO NOT attempt anything you see on this site yourself as parkour is dangerous.
parkour can result in damage of property, permanent injury, and even death.


Music video soon to be put on site with Team FB showing how far we've come in 3 months.

unfortunately, due to stupid injuries, it may be a while before we add more videos :P

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